Pitch Pine Table Lamp - Large

(Code: L54)
Pitch Pine Table Lamp - Large

These table lamps are handmade in Devon from a solid block of locally supplied Pitch Pine. The lamps sanded to a smooth finish, with gently hand sanded curved corners and edges, and are finished with two coats of Liberon finishing oil to reveal the natural beauty of the textures and patterns of the wood.

These lamps are available in for sizes, mini, small, medium and large. The medium and large lamps have an extended lamp holder, giving a greater clearance between the base and the lamp shade.

This lamp is a large size and measures approximately 200mm tall to the top of the wood (with the lamp fitting they are about 305mm tall), with the base measuring about 145mm wide and 140mm deep.

The switched brass lamp holder has a safety feature which prevents the switch being turned on without a light bulb being in place. The gold coloured flex is approximately 2.1 meters long. The lamp holder takes a standard bayonet light bulb (not supplied), up to 60 watts, or equivalent low energy type. The holder for the lamp shade (again, not supplied) is standard sized.

As these lamps vary so much in grain pattern and colour, each lamp is individually photographed, so the one you choose is the one you get.

Please note that, as can be seen in the pictures, some lamps have cracks in the wood, this is completely natural, and happens when a large block of wood dries out and seasons. Even lamps that are supplied without cracks may occasionally crack a little at a later stage (especially in very dry houses), and this can not be regarded as a fault in the lamp. These cracks are not in anyway detrimental to the structural integrity of the lamp, and can really add to its natural beauty.