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Care Instructions

Most of our products are finished in natural oils and waxes. We try to choose finishes that protect the wood without adversely affecting the natural beauty of the grain.

Lamps, Clocks, Furniture, Candle Holders

The furniture, lamps, clocks, and candle holders are generally finished with Liberon Finishing Oil. This gives a very natural soft sheen to the wood without appearing over glossy. The finish is fairly resistant to damage, but if it becomes wet, it should be dried with a cloth as soon as possible. Great care should be taken to avoid prolonged exposure to water or other liquids and to excess heat (a cup of tea for instance).

Day to day cleaning should be done with a soft dry cloth. It is best to avoid normal furniture polishes which often contain silicone, this often gives an unnatural looking sheen to the wood and does not give any nourishment to it. Completely natural furniture cleaning polishes are ok. The wood should occasionally be treated with either a natural wax paste, such as beeswax, or a light furniture oil. It is always best to use products based on natural oils or waxes.If for some reason the surface becomes damaged then it may be necessary to sand back the finish to bare wood and refinish it.

Chopping Boards and Toast Tongs

The chopping boards and toast tongs are finished in Liberon Food Safe Oil. The chopping boards should not be allowed to soak in water, after washing the should either be dried with a towel or left to dry on the drying rack, making sure the edge is not sitting in water. The chopping boards and toast tongs are NOT dishwasher safe, and should on no account be washed in one. It is recommended that the chopping boards are thoroughly oiled on a regular basis, especially once they have dried after washing. This is particularly important when the board is new, less so once it has been treated a few times. You can either use a proprietary chopping board oil, or a vegetable cooking oil, a neural smelling one is best, for instance sunflower. Cut marks in the surface are generally harmless, as the wood has natural antiseptic properties. Cut marks can be sanded out if required, but this requires a bit of effort and elbow grease!

The toast tongs generally need very little maintenance or washing, but do benefit from very occasional oiling, as described above for the chopping boards. The toast tongs look quite fragile, but very few ever fail in normal use. The two failures we have come across have happened due to the tongs being pulled open (apart) and the glue line failing, obviously this is not recommended, and not what they are intended for!

Bird Tables

The bird tables are finished with Liberon Garden Furniture Oil. This finish will help prevent the oak from weathering in the short term, but it is recommended that a new coat of the above oil, or similar, is applied before the winter yearly. Full care instructions are supplied with all bird tables.